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CAMAS has been standing for quality made in Germany for over 15 years! All fence systems have been produced for you on 60000 m² in the Castrop-Raxuel factory since 2003.

State-of-the-art machines and trained specialists make it possible to guarantee constant quality. It is not for nothing that CAMAS is one of the leading manufacturers of double stick mats on the market!

As a rule, the fence posts are set in concrete for about 50 cm, but the depth varies depending on the height of the fence. Sloping terrain also requires leeway in the installation depth in order to accommodate this.

The information on CAMAS posts always refers to the fence height!


For a fence with a height of 1830 mm, choose a 1830 mm post. The post then has an actual length of about 2400 mm.

The hole size should always have a diameter of at least 30 cm. The rule of thumb here is: cut of the spade x cut of the spade.

CAMAS double stick mats are generally 2510 mm long, so a fence post is usually set every 2520 mm. In order to compensate for a slope, the double stick mat can, for example, be divided and a post can be set earlier (see: double stick mats and slopes in the terrain).

It should be noted that a gate system can be counted as a post, because every gate system is equipped with a fence connection.

Calculation exmaple:

10 m fence system without gate: 10 m fence system with gate:
4x CAMAS double stick mat 4x CAMAS double stick mat
5x CAMAS fence post 4x CAMAS fence post

CAMAS corner posts are suitable for forming 90° corners, but a corner post does not have to be installed unless the 2510 mm end exactly at the corner. Otherwise you can edge the fence mat as described below.

CAMAS offers corner posts for types 1 and 2.

Corners that are not right-angled can be formed by edging the double stick mat. To do this, cut out approximately 1.5 cm of the inner rod of the double stick mat at the desired point.

ATTENTION: The cut edges must be sealed with zinc and paint spray to protect them from corrosion. For this we recommend the CAMAS zinc spray ans the CAMAS color spray in the corresponding RAL color. You can find these items in the accessories category.

Now put the fence mat on a solid surface and position a squared timber or something similar (for the entire height of the fence) as close as possible to the cut edge. The double stick mat can now – depending on the size – be bent to the desired number of degrees by one or two persons.

We would be happy to advise you on how to form your corner!

To check this, stand outside the property on the longest side of the fence and look from this point of view whether the corner continues to the left or right hand.


– The corner continues to the back on the right side: you need a right corner post.

– You want to shape a ‘U’: You need a left and a right corner post.

– You want to shape an ‘L’: You need a left corner post.

– You can also shape a ‘T’ with the CAMAS corner posts.

CAMAS double stick mats generally have a maximum width of 2510 mm. Each fence element can be shortened to size on site with a bolt cutter or a flex.

Here, too, the cut edges must of course be treated with zinc and color spray to protect against rust!

In our modern production facility in Castrop-Rauxel, we can cover almost any type of custom-made product – from special widths to finger protection! Of course, we also manufacture gate systems with other locking systems such as triangular locks for fire brigades or garbage disposal.

Simply ask our specialist staff about this:

Phone: +49 (0) 2305 – 97 31 40

Unfortunately, the electrical opener from our shop (accessories) can only be added to CAMAS industrial gate systems at the moment. If you want to upgrade a different gate system, it is important that the “snapper” can be pulled back with the key, since the electrical opener cannot be used without this function.

Simply ask our specialist staff about this:

Phone: +49 (0) 2305 – 97 31 40

The CAMAS standard 60 x 40 mm posts can generally be attached to a foundation using a CAMAS dowel plate. The post must be shortened on site; a shorter post cannot be selected from the factory because the support points for the double stick mats are missing.

We produce the post shoes in three variants:

  1. Dowel plate with angle: Suitable for mounting on a wall that is at least 10 cm wide and maximally 20 cm wide. (L-stone wall)
  2. Standard dowel plate: For installation on a solid base that is at least 15 cm wide.
  3. Long dowel plate: For installation on a solid base that is at least 15 cm wide. Recommended for the Ben Light gate.

Variants 1 and 2 should be secured with sheet metal screws if necessary, variant 3 is automatically secured with longer screws included in the delivery.

If you want to screw on a corner post, the mounting plates must be processed on site.

Generally we produce in RAL 7016 anthracite, RAL 6005 moss green and galvanized. However, we coat fence systems for you in all RAL and DB colors.

Simply ask our specialist staff about this:

Phone: +49 (0) 2305 – 97 31 40

The overhang of 3 cm is caused by the production with our mesh welding machines. As a rule, the fence mats up to a height of 1230 mm have the tips pointing downwards and from a height of 1430 mm pointing upwards. However, you can design this as you wish. Our Ben Light gates are always manufactured according to this guideline.

The white spots are white rust, which is not related to the galvanizing process. White rust is not a measure of the quality of a material and therefore not a reason for complaint. The protective effect of the long-lasting hot-dip galvanizing is based on the formation of top layers, which are formed on the galvanized surface over the course of weeks due to the weather. The top layers consist mainly of basic zinc carbonate. If the zinc surface is wetted with water over a longer period of time or if the air supply and thus the supply of CO² is insufficient, the formation of protective top layers is prevented. Instead, what is known as “white rust” is formed, which mainly consists of zinc hydroxide and small amounts of zinc oxide and zinc carbonate.

In practice, white rust can only be problematic with freshly galvanized components, as not enough top layers may have formed.

The fence system should be completely hardened in the foundations, this depends heavily on the weather conditions. Normally, we recommend leaving the fence system without a privacy screen for 7 days to be able to add the privacy screen without problems.

Please do not weave a privacy screen into electronically driven gate systems, as the wind load has a significant impact on the service life of the drives!

Spacers are elementary for the gabion fence, which you can design using post type 4.

Recommended amount for a width of 2.5 m:

Height in mm

Required amount of spacers





















CAMAS will be happy to manufacture fence systems for you that are angled at 45°. No matter whether angled to the outside as climb over protection or angled to the inside as a cat fence!

However, this topic is very individual. In order to be able to respond to your wishes and needs, it is best to ask our specialist staff directl

Phone: +49 (0) 2305 – 97 31 40

Deliveries are always made as quickly as possible as curbside delivery. That means the carrier is not obliged to deliver your wares to the garden. Helping hands should always be available.

Almost every property has special features that need to be considered when planning a fence project. In particular, bumps, inclines and slopes pose challenges for the fence builder again and again.

Such requirements can easily be met with a CAMAS fence system. A slope in the terrain can be compensated by a professional installation. Here the fence posts are set up in steps according to the slope. The fence mats can then be mounted and screwed in offset.

This construction variant satisfies with a symmetrical and professional look, which leads to a neat overall impression of the property. On higher slopes, the double stick mat can also be divided into several parts as described above. It is therefore possible to make steps in shorter and steeper intervals.

The DV fence mat made of pre-galvanized wire is galvanized according to DIN EN 10244-2 class D. The double stick mat is welded from already galvanized wire and subsequently requires a powder coating to withstand the weather and environmental influences. Thanks to the pre-galvanized material and the fact that there is no need for costly hot-dip galvanizing, DV fence mats are a lot cheaper. Small rust spots can occur at the intersections, but these can be repaired by post-processing.

In contrast to this, the double stick mat without “DV” is hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN 1461. The mat is manufactured at the factory from bare wire and then completely hot-dip galvanized as a welded mesh mat in the zinc basin at about 400° and then powder-coated as required. With this production method, the entire fence mat is coated with zinc under the powder layer. However, galvanizing in the immersion bath can result in small zinc tears or zinc pimples, which can be visible after the powder coating.

Yes. For this case, CAMAS offers either the so-called fence connection strip at the respective height of the fence, or the fence connection angle.

Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you personally.

Phone: +49 (0) 2305 – 97 31 40



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