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Privacy shields

Guck Nich® Sichtschutzrolle Light

Guck Nich® light PVC reel

Reel of Guck Nich® PVC light privacy screen, available in different lengths with a thickness of approximately 450 g/m²

Guck Nich® Sichtschutzrolle Premium anthrazit

Guck Nich® premium PVC reel

Reel of Guck Nich® PVC privacy screen, available in different lengths and colors in a premium quality

Guck Nich® Sichtschutz Streifen hart anthrazit

Guck Nich® hard PVC strip

The Guck Nich® hard PVC strips are 2525 mm long and available in different colors. Due to its own rigidity, it is ideally suited for gate systems.

Easy to use, maximum effect

The privacy screen can be incorporated into all common mesh fences with a mesh size of 50 x 200 mm, even if it has been in place for decades. Thanks to the simple handling, the privacy screen can be easily installed. To make it easier to weave into long fences, we offer a one-man assembly aid as an accessory. The property boundary is set by a metal fence and your home is protected from unauthorized access. However, due to the mesh size of 50 x 200 mm, this is only a spatial limitation; it does not prevent possibly disturbing glances from strangers without the use of a privacy screen.

Guck Nich® creates privacy

We want to feel comfortable in our garden, move around freely and be protected from prying eyes. In addition to practical advantages, privacy screens and wind protection naturally also offer aesthetic advantages. It creates a warm atmosphere and distances itself from the cold, industrial presence of a double stick mat fence. Without question, the privacy screen not only protects from prying eyes, but also hides a view that may not be too beautiful. Do you live on a busy street? Do you value an elegant ambience and your neighbor may not have the same feeling for a sophisticated look? No problem, because by using the opaque sealing strips you no longer have to wait for somebody else’s favor! The privacy screen allows you to create a personal, quiet retreat in which you can relax undisturbed. After all, the garden should be a place for recreation and regeneration.

Privacy protection also for commercial properties

In the commercial sector, it is beneficial to visually shield high-quality systems, valuable raw materials or the like in order to counteract theft, because opportunity makes thieves. The use of privacy screens is particularly useful in remote industrial areas.

Reliable privacy protection from the getgo

The advantage over natural visual barriers like a hedge is obvious: the maintenance process is manageable. In order to show off the privacy screen to its best advantage, it only needs to be cleaned from time to time with a garden hose or a high-pressure cleaner. In addition, it offers absolute protection from prying eyes right from the start.

We focus on quality, not quantity

When choosing the right privacy screen, it is important to use durable, high-quality materials. These should be as resistant as they are hard-wearing in order to ensure the longest possible service life. Weather and UV resistance also play an important role. Since we only want to offer our customers the best quality, we refrain from using printed foils with patterns like ivy or stone. These fade over time and provide only limited enjoyment. We offer privacy screens in the classic fence colors: anthracite, light gray or moss green. By using different colors or inserting a light stripe, you set an accent and create individual patterns.



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